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May 17, 18 declared as additional public holidays
Tarikh : 10 May 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

The Chief Minister’s Office statement dated today.

KUCHING: The state government has decided that additional public holidays be declared throughout Sarawak on May 17 (Thursday) and May 18 (Friday).

As such, the Chief Minister’s Office in a statement today, advised the public that May 10 and May 11 are normal working days.

The declaration that May 17 and 18 as additional public holidays is made under Section 5 of the Public Holidays Ordinance.

The statement was issued following the announcement by Chief Secretary to the Government (KSN), Tan Sri Ali Hamsa today that May 10 (Thursday) and May 11 (Friday) will be declared additional public holidays for the whole country in conjunction with the 14th General Election (GE14).

According to the KSN, for states observing Friday and Saturday as the weekend holidays, then Sunday, May 13 will be the additional public holiday.